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    Taking place every four years and seen as the "Everest of the Seas", the Vendée Globe is an unassisted non-stop round-the-world race. The solo sailors set off on their IMOCA 60 foot monohull boats from Les Sables d'Olonne in France for 28,000-miles and the most extreme of challenges.

    As either individual consultants or in the capacity of the agency, Fretté Rogerson has provided media relations support to the the Vendée Globe event organisation since 2004 until 2021, as well as for competitors since the 1996 edition.


    Fretté Rogerson PR handled the media relations for both France and International. The agency organised and managed the press office both in Les Sables d'Olonne and Paris. We provided a 24/7 media service throughout the duration of the race as well as communications consultancy in the build up.  


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    Known as the footbull World Cup of sailing, America’s Cup is one of the world’s most important sailing competitions and leading sports events in terms of media impact. The event dates back to 1851, making it the world’s oldest sporting trophy; on average it takes place every three to four years.

    As either individual consultants or in the capacity of the agency, Fretté Rogerson has provided media relations, TV distribution and communications support to the America's Cup event organisation, participating teams and sponsors since 1992.  


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    Sunset+Vine is a leading sports production and distribution company in the UK and around the world. Fretté Rogerson PR heads up and provides to international news distribution and PR services for major clients including the Ocean Race, America’s Cup, SailGP, Super League Triathlon, INEOS 1:59 Challenge, Global Champions League, 52 Super Series, Ineos, Abu Dhabi Desert Rally, Cowes Week and Henley Royal Regatta.

    We are the personal link with the TV channels news and sports from around the world and work to bring the local news story to the widest audience possible. Our team in London and our key market agents work closely with sports reporters, news desks and keep their finger on the pulse to ensure the events we represent get valuable broadcast time.

    "The team at Frette Rogerson have been running the news distribution service for Sunset+Vine across our catalogue of sporting events for a number of years now, achieving high global visibility and valuable news coverage for our clients."
    Andrew Preece, Executive Director, Sunset+Vine


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    The 25th World Championship was held in France in 2017 in eight different regions within France.

    During the event, the agency managed eight different competition venues, media facilities and accreditations for over 1600 media.





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    Liliane and Sabina have been involved working in the Tour for a number of years. Work has ranged from sponsorship activation for event and team brands to press relations for teams. Liliane in particular has worked across all the major accounts and Sabina with official event supplier sponsors Skoda and Tissot.



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    BlackCat Superyachts founded by Mitch Booth, sets the standard in large cruising catamarans. Fretté Rogerson PR provides consulting, editorial and press relations globally to the luxury catamaran brand.


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    The UTMB® Mont Blanc is the world’s leading trail running event set up in 2003. The iconic event attracts huge interest and comprises 7 events with entry hotly fought over through a series of qualifications. The UTMB, which attracted 722 runners for the first event in 2003, today with over 30,000 applications, limits entries to 10,000 requiting a carefully masterminded registration process.

    Fretté Rogerson PR is looking after all aspects of international press relations activation for this event, managing the press centre and press trips, starting in 2019 and continuing on an ongoing annual basis.

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    The INEOS 1:59 Challenge was Eliud Kipchoge’s second attempt to make sporting history by becoming the first person ever to run a marathon distance (26 miles/42.2km) in under two hours. Kipchoge successfully broke the barrier on Saturday 12th October in The Prater in Vienna, Austria, running the distance in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds.

    As the international news team for Sunset+Vine, Fretté Rogerson PR delivered a full news distribution service for the event, managing all VNR and individual interview alerts in 5 languages across the key territories, providing complete news production and distribution on site, resulting in 11,180 hits on 1081 channels across 296 markets.

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    The IDEC SPORT Asian Tour was the initiative to tackle six sailing world records, including five new race courses between Europe and Asia, culminating in the attempt to smash the legendary Clipper Route record between Hong Kong and London.

    Skippered by Francis Joyon, the world's fastest trimaran beat the record covering the distance in just 31 days, 23 hours.

    Fretté Rogerson PR managed all aspects of the international communications with a team of five working in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, English and Spanish. Aspects of the role included social media posting, video and press release distribution as well as organising press trips and press officers on site for the starts and finishes of all records.

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    The Race for Water Foundation has been dedicated to ocean conservation since it was set up in 2010. We looked after the international press relations for the Foundation, including its five-year round-the-world Odyssey.

    Our responsibilities included writing and translating a range of press materials, managing ongoing press relations with pro-active sell in, and acting as the on-site press officer at key stopovers to manage press conferences, interviews and social media networks. Due to the current interest in all things sustainable, we have been able to generate interest across a broad section of press ranging from science, innovation and technology to travel, adventure and entrepreneurialism.

    We managed to obtain media coverage across all national press at each stopover as well as international correspondent pieces for outlets such as the BBC World, CNN and Tatler.

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    X Shore is a Swedish manufacturer of eElectric crafts set up by Konrad Bergström, a renowned Swedish entrepreneur and colourful “enfant terrible” in the business world who founded Zound Industries with the global success brands Urbanears (Sweden’s fastest growing company in history) and Marshall headphones and speakers.

    Rooted firmly at the intersection of new technology and traditional craftsmanship, X Shore strives to bring sustainability and innovation to the marine industry in order to achieve a better sea life experience.

    Fretté Rogerson PR organised the launch of the brand including the logistics, organisation and hosting of an international press trip with over 45 journalists from the lifestyle, marine and technology sectors.

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    Frette Rogerson looks after all international press relations. With 28 trail running events from around the world the agency is involved in press releases, media partnerships and press trips.

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    Armed with an in-depth knowledge of not only the oceans, but also harbours and coastal preservation, Seafloatech specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of sustainable mooring solutions and ocean surface modules. The range of Seafloatech products are all anchored and stabilised by the Seafloatech Pod’η, a safe and environmentally friendly seabed-to-surface mooring device which can be adapted to each individual marine environment, and a sustainable alternative to conventional anchors and chains.

    Since 2020 we have managed and consulted for Seafloatech, adapting our services annually to serve the ebs and flows of activity, from press relations, editorial content and social media channels, to invitations, presentations, creative and graphic design.

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    For the 2023 Rugby World Cup, nine French cities hosted matches with Rugby Villages where fans could gather and enjoy the World Cup atmosphere.

    In preparation of the opening ceremony, we managed the international press relations for Ville de Paris, who hosted the Rugby Village in the Place de la Concorde for the World Cup, which welcomed over one million visitors.

    We amplified coverage of the Rugby Village on an international scale by managing the press releases for the English market, as well as co-ordinating and delivering a comprehensive press trip with top-tier media. 


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