• What we do

    Working across sectors, countries and communities we provide a complete range of services. Whether you are a big fish in a small pond or just starting to grow, we are the right place for you. Empathy is the key to good communication and we spend time getting to know and understand our clients, that’s why we build relationships that last.

    When you work with us you get access to our unrivalled international network. We are full of bright ideas but we also know what is possible and we will not promise what cannot be delivered. Personal and accessible, we have what you want and need from consultancy to crisis.

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    Media Relations

    Developing the image and public profile of companies, events, products and personalities is the heart of our business.

    We have a proven record of delivering multilingual international media campaigns.

    Whether you are negotiating rights or have an event that you want to distribute on television our experienced team can advise or lead. Our experience in so many areas and countries, our flexibility and our close relationships, make us a key link between our clients and the media.

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    Corporate Relations

    Our dedicated team can provide all your corporate communications from seminars, conventions, conferences and workshops to newsletters and an intranet.

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    International Events

    Large or small we can manage your events. We offer a full press office service, including organising press conferences, logistics and accreditation, press trips, VIPs, and all editorial materials.

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    Our digital division specialises in developing bespoke websites and content management systems for you, your brand or event. We can build and fill sponsored micro sites, apps, programmes and our SEO expert will make sure you maximise your voice.

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    Community Management

    Social media and the web are about people and relationships not bits and bytes. We can advise on how to handle your profile on communities on the web, from social networks to blogs, and forums.

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    It is not just what you say but the way that you say it and if a picture paints a thousand words, good design illuminates both. Every brand needs good graphics. Our graphic designer and illustrator will make your press releases, media guides, invitations and newsletter shine.

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    Strategy / Consultancy

    ‘How can I get my message in the mainstream media? How will I be heard? How do I reach my audience?’ We know that everyone is different and we will develop a media strategy that understands where you want to be and how you get there. And when things get tough we know when to speak and when to stay quiet.

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